NOW Group Meditation at the Boutique!


The services are centered around positive energy.   For an appointment, contact the Boutique at 613 424 9094.

1.       Chakras Assessment and Modifications

Chakras are the energy centers of our life force…in a nutshell, they are the generators of our energy field surrounding us.  Better known as the Aura. The Aura is the energy field that living beings are created.  In short it is the life force of our existence.  Albert Einstein said, “Everything is energy (E=MC2)”.

The Boutique offers a Chakra Assessment session that consists of the following:

  • Using unique techniques, the Chakras (Majors, some minors, gates, nodes, etc.) of the client are assessed;
  • The result of the assessment is discussed with the client (e.g., Torus, chakras, gates, nodes, etc.).

In general, the duration of the session takes approximately 30 minutes.

Visit the Boutique to make an appointment!


2.  Private Meditation Courses (Beginner and Advance courses): 

We offer a 60 minutes meditation course for beginner and advance.  These courses are private and customized in order, mainly, to adapt to the current meditation experiences of the client and its busy schedule.

The client does not learn what they know but rather what they do not know!

The meditation method is simple and unique and very effective for stress, anxiety, fatigue, etc. and for maintenance of the chakras system and ultimately of the client’s body, mind and soul.

In addition, the Boutique is offering guided meditation session to those who want to improve their meditation skills.

For more information and to reserve a session, please visit the Boutique.

 3.  Stone and Crystal Consultation:

Stones and Crystals have been used to promote healing for thousands of years and will for many more to come.  The Boutique has over 170 stones and crystals.  The Boutique provides clients a one-on-one consultation for many different types of elements.

This service is offer to the client at no fee.  In addition, we provide a summary of the properties of the Stones and Crystals with the purchase of the item.


4.  Private Teaching Program (Chakra/Aura, Guides, etc.)

All our training programs are customized based on the client knowledge and experiences in the energy and matter field.  All our training courses are private and customize one-on-one, which provide great flexibility to our clients’ busy schedule and best-of-breed teaching method.

Here is a glance at the most common subject manners that can be included in our private teaching program:

  • Feeling the Energy
  • Seeing the Energy (Aura Field)
  • Working with your Guides
  • Working with tools (e.g., pendulum, music, etc.)
  • Working with the Angels, Archangels
  • Chakra System
  • Meditation
  • Etc.,

5. Group Meditation (call the Boutique for more info)


6.  Other Services

  • Medium, tarot and Palm reading 
  • Intuitive reading and Tarot reading
  • Smudging Services (House and Offices)

For more information, please visit the Boutique.

The boutique’s clients are people from all walks of life, including School Teachers, Accountants, Electricians, Nurses, Doctors, Surgeons, Bankers, Construction Workers, etc.,