About Us

Welcome to Boutique Arc-Ange-Ciel, a place of positive energy (Albert Einstein said, “Everything is energy (E=MC2)”.  A  place to gain and/or to augment your knowledge of the spiritual world. In short, a path leading to: the discovery of one’s inner self or the “deepest values and meanings by which people live”; connectivity with a larger reality, yielding to a more comprehensive self with other individuals or the human community, with nature or the cosmos or with the divine realm.

After many years of analysis and conceptual design, Boutique Arc-Ange-Ciel opened in Montebello.  It would provide exceptional services to its clients and provide a wonderful place to purchase meditation tools, Angel and Fairy figurines, Native American arts (collectibles), as well as stones and crystals.  A Great Success!

In late 2012 the Boutique Arc-Ange-Ciel decided to expand its store footprint and opened its door on February 2013  in Orleans, a wonderful place and within a vibrant community.


Boutique Arc-Ange-Ciel’s mission is to offer exceptional products and services to its clients.  The Boutique has created a wonderful place where one can enjoy a beautiful and positive atmosphere.


The vision of the Boutique is to help its clients find great gifts for a special person or for themselves.  The Boutique also helps clients to reach their goals and objectives with respect to the various dimensions of our existance.

The boutique supports various non-profit organizations (e.g., Cancer Society of Canada, Canadian Diabetes Association, etc.,).